If you go through the list of ingredients listed on the back of your risewell toothpaste with fluoride there is likely to be an ingredient known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). It is a detergent as well as a foaming agent. You could see it in shampoo as well as hand soap, laundry detergent bubble baths as well as in grooming or cosmetic products. You might even see it used as a thickener for food items like dried eggs or marshmallows.

Companies are awestruck by SLS because it’s incredibly cheap and makes the bubbles you’re taught to appreciate so much. You know, those bubbles that make you believe that your shampoo or rise well toothpaste is performing flawlessly.

However, it’s not the bubbles that clean your teeth! SLS bubbles are for show, they’re meant to keep you entertained. SLS has no function other than lathering bubbles. It’s not something you have to use SLS in the toothpaste you use. In reality, it can cause even damage to the health of your mouth.

Below are the three most important questions concerning the use of SLS or other foaming agents in toothpaste:

SLS is a factor in ulcers caused by canker.

If you’re susceptible to sores called canker, also called aphthous ulcers, which are tiny lesions of irritation that form within the soft tissue of the mouth (not to be mistaken for cold sores! ) Remove any SLS substances from your daily routine. This simple trick can aid in avoiding any future outbreaks.

SLS blocks the healing process of wounds.

SLS can inhibit the growth of fibroblasts. They comprise connective tissue cells vital for the framework of your tissues and essential in wound healing. If you’ve recently had a tooth extraction for instance you shouldn’t have SLS close to the site of extraction since it can reduce the number of fibroblasts as well as the speed of healing.

SLS can damage the cheek’s insides.

SLS may affect the membranes that line your cheek. It is possible that the skin inside the cheek is peeling away with a thin film and it could feel uncomfortable.

The bottom line is to get rid of SLS in your daily routine and these three issues will disappear. We do not make use of SLS within any of the products we offer at RiseWell. There are more effective ingredients that are safe and more effective!

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